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List Themes -- Source on XDA

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  • Installation

  • Download

  • Install problems

  • Actions on screens

  • Preferences

  • Widgets

  • Docking icons

  • Themes

  • Download & apply

  • Creation

  • Icon's names

  • List Themes

  • Add new theme

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  • Hello everybody.

    I started this thread to put all informations, tips'n tricks and howto for a best use of this very cool launcher "TW 4.5 NextGen" made by Fr4gg0r. Note that I will try to add your tips as soon as you deliver them here.

    First at all, the link to the concerned thread of this launcher on XDA :


    This HowTo is so subdivised :
    • Installation of Applications & Widgets
      details about installation of what you need to have, to do for having this launcher.
      >> see here

    • Use of TW4Manager
      how to use it, in quick words. This programm is intended to download the latests versions and the themes :
      a. select, download and apply Themes (as they are shared by fr4gg0r)
      b. select, download and apply Widgets signed (as they are shared by fr4gg0r)
      c. see tutorials (links in version #6 not functionnal)
      d. verify your donation (as they are updated by fr4gg0r)
      e. check for updates of tw4manager and tw4.5 launcher, uninstall, see changelog,...

    • Launcher TW4.5 : installation problems
      how to bypass installations problems? Many suggestions and maybe (certainly) solutions !
      >> see here

    • Launcher TW4.5 : resigning widgets
      To fix non-working widgets :
      • grab the key attached in the officiel thread
      • decompile with apktool.
      • open AndroidManifest.xml
      • edit the sharedUserId so (if not there add it) :
      • recompile
      • use jarsigner from android sdk to resign with the key (password is touchwiz, alias is fr4gg0r) :
        "[java -jar] jarsigner -keystore /...tw4key -storepass touchwiz theWidget.apk fr4gg0r

      Official details are here.

    • Launcher TW4.5 : actions on screens
      details on how to change the size of widgets, add new shortcuts, set default screen, change wallpaper,...
      >> see here

    • Launcher TW4.5 : preferences
      what let you do what for this launcher.
      >> see here

    • Launcher TW4.5 : Widgets
      quite all about widgets
      >> see here

    • Launcher TW4.5 : docking icons
      how to modify or add icons to the dock bar (bottom bar of the launcher).
      >> it's very very simple to add icons to the dock bar. >> see here

    • Themes : downloading & applying
      how to download and to apply, use themes. And what kind of "restrictions" you may encounter.
      >> see here

    • Themes : creation
      howto create themes... in a few words (hoping so) !
      >> see here
      You also can suggest themes to Fr4gg0r easily by filling up this web formular ( and send an MP to him.

    • Themes : icon's names
      greate debate... how have to be the icon's names for applications? You may find here some listed and tricks to find the names of others.
      >> see here

    • Themes : links of some
      not so many themes for now... I'll try to list them here, with printscreens (or not).
      >> see here

    • Otherss
      well... all other points not listed before !
      >> see here

    • Links
      Links related to the TW4.5 Launcher !
      >> see here

    So now... feel free to add suggestions to complete this HowTo !

    And... never forget this : THANKS FR4GG0R for this launcher...

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